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Authenticity Builds Engagement

Kissmetrics’ post on authenticity opens with a powerful statement: Authentic businesses inspire and prosper. They “forge deeper connections” with their audiences and engage with them on an authentic level that transforms the interaction into an experience. According to author James T. Noble, this is a trend that will continue and spread throughout the digital and social marketing spheres. This article also delivers some stellar suggestions on how to achieve authenticity in your brand’s relationships with users and consumers.

Authenticity: Banking Social Currency

Consumers today have forced a change in marketing. They are aware, savvy, discerning, and well-versed in the tactics marketers have used for generations to capture attention. In the digital age, transparency and a focus on content shows more heart and consideration for your audience than trying to sell to them.

Sweet ’16: Social Media Secrets

Social media has become a large part of public relations, brand building, and advertising. Its influence has also revised approaches in other fields and industries as well. The conversation continues to change with the desires of social media users and designers. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep in mind for social media in 2016:

Love at First Like

Facebook recently revised its trademark “like” with the introduction of five additional Reactions, designed to allow users the opportunity to better express their emotions. With the help and input of sociologists, as well as a year of testing in limited markets, Facebook states that these Reactions represent the spectrum of universal emotional responses, though not surprisingly there is still no dislike button to show disapproval. The new Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry Reactions currently all carry the same weight as the longstanding Like in terms of user interaction, but there are hopes that in the future these new choices will allow for a more accurate and refined understanding of user’s response to content.