Creative Services

We’ll make ‘em do a double take. Creative design needs to go beyond eye-catching, conveying a clear message in a memorable, powerful way. Our creative philosophy centers on the evocation of emotion to inspire brand loyalty and create a need to share that message. We take every detail into consideration to create an unforgettable look, identity, and statement. McFadden/Gavender works with you from conception to final product. That’s what the big picture is all about.

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Brand Identity
Our goal is to turn consumers into brand advocates. How you ask? From digital platforms to packaging to every branded experience and interaction that you need to be memorable. What that content, look and feel is we will inspire and collaborate with you to have that great work come to life.
Design & Production
Have we won awards? Sure. Affirmation we’re good at what we do. No matter the platform our team develops exceptional creative solutions that push the boundaries of more than just great design or clever content. We want results. That’s what drives us.
Say you. Say me. Say anything. What do you say? Coming up with the right message to each of your target markets can be rough. There is so much white noise, just how do you compete and break through those barriers? That’s what you have MG+ for. Plus we will make sure it’s spelled right and all your (™) and ® are in the right place.
CPG: We are branding and packaging experts. Our goal is to create, maintain and grow powerful brands that fly off the shelves. Well not literally fly, but sell well and sell often. We create 3D renderings to make sure the look is spot on, the text legible, and determine what it will look like on the shelf. So, what does a category leader look like? Look in the mirror. Strategy, identify, design. Custom approach crafted for you. Let’s make it happen.