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Influencers' value

The #1 mistake we see brands making is underestimating influencer’s value. Most brands confine influencer’s value to only stats like how many likes their post received or how many people they reached. An influencer’s value goes well beyond reach and engagement, providing brands with untapped opportunities. Influencers are modern-day word-of-mouth advertisers, who are able to tap into their audiences through original content, to leverage your brand’s awareness, consideration of your products/services, as well as creating buzz on social media. But don’t just think about the immediate results — think about the long-term value of having influencers promote your products on a regular basis. Influencers, utilizing affiliate marketing, offer incentives such as personalized discount codes to foster purchases. Additionally, brands can foster long-term influencer relationships through long-term ambassadors who in return utilize full product lines and remarket each month to their audiences. When it comes down to it, dollar to dollar, it’s more cost effective to leverage influencers for content creation than hiring out a studio/photographer.

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influencer vs UGC

Brands looking to invest in influencer marketing have two options: User-Generated Content (UGC) creators and influencers. UGC creators are paid to create content that looks and feels like organic content, while influencers are contracted to create content that is tailored to their audience. One major difference between the two is that influencers must have an established community before partnering with a brand, whereas UGC creators do not need a following or post the content to their social feeds.

Today’s brands understand the power of “authentic” content and are taking advantage of it to drive sales and traffic. Whether authenticity is sourced from influencers, UGC creators, or a combination of both.

So, if you’re looking to get started, look no further than MG to do MORE with content creators.

Influencer Marketing Kits

influencer marketing kits
(content partner kits)

It’s important to work with a professional content creator who stays in line with your brand and values while also creating fun and engaging content. Influencer marketing kits provide the best tools and guidance for working with an influencer and creating a successful campaign. They include everything you need to tailor your influencer kits including clear campaign objectives, guidelines, deliverables, and brand guidelines. Our Influencer Kits help you and your team of influencers create a relationship built on trust that ultimately increases brand awareness, conversions, and lifetime values of customers.

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how effective
is influencer marketing

80% of marketers find influencers Effective or Very Effective in achieving their overall goals!

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50% of millennials trust product recommendations from influencers.

38% of millennials trust product recommendations from celebrities.

attract better customers through influencer marketing

a majority of marketers believe that influencer marketing attracts higher-quality customers to their business. This could be because social media users tend to be more affluent and more likely to recommend products to family and friends.

Bar 51%
Bar 38%
Bar 11%

quality of customers acquired through influencer marketing

gen X (1965-1980)

18% of Gen X have bought a product through an in-app shop in the past three months. The same number bought based on an influencer’s recommendation in that period.

millennials (1981-1996)

28% of millenials have bought a product through an in-app shop in the past three months and 26% have bought based on an influencer’s recommendation.