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They say social media is a window to the soul. When it comes to marketing your brand, your online presence can and will make all the difference. Your social account may very well be the first impression for your next customer; that’s why it is crucial to think like a consumer and show them how you can help solve their pain points. Don’t just post to post; create content that drives ACTION!

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media. Let your online voice be an extension of your brand through dynamic, engaging content that tells your customers who you are. Through strategic planning of content and maintaining a cohesive brand voice to connect your audience from phone to shelf.

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best platforms for converting in 2023:

Meta Brands - Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

The right platform(s) is different for each brand. Factors including target audience, current level of brand awareness, KPIs and more, will tell us which social media sites are best for you.

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overall social strategy

The days of posting random content to social media to see what sticks is behind us! Make the most of your marketing budget with a social-media strategy that encompasses all of your brand goals, both on and off the platform. These KPIs may include platform-specific metrics such as engagements, reach, impressions, followers, and page likes, or help to support external goals through traffic, shopping, and landing page campaigns. Every post has a purpose!

original content creation

From influencer/UGC content to product placement, giveaways and everything in between, McFadden/Gavender specializes in creating original content specific to your brand. Content is created specifically for each platform, optimizing the size and length for each feed, to help you stand out from the crowd!

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interactive post plans

Every strategy starts with a plan. McFadden/Gavender’s unique approach to post plan creation features an interactive interface for us to communicate and brainstorm with our clients in real time! This allows for a constant exchange of information to ensure the best quality content goes live on the most optimal days/times

engaging post copy

If you are looking for cookie-cutter captions, you have come to the wrong place! We research the best performing keywords, trends, and hashtags to optimize every caption to give it the best organic results with the ever-changing sets of platform algorithms.

Let your content lead the conversation! With interactive prompts and CTAs, we’ll make sure the action doesn’t stop after a “like”.

audience development

There is always room to grow! We will strategize and implement the most efficient combination of content types and scheduling to help your brand reach your next generation of consumers and engage them to stay for the long haul.

social inbox management

Customer service goes beyond a 1-800 number. Today’s consumers want the ease of asking questions and being helped on any device with just a click. We manage social inboxes and page comments to ensure that all customers feel valued and supported.

peak post scheduling

Don’t be late to the virtual party! We study each brand’s unique audience behaviors and determine when they are most active on social media to plan the optimal post days and times.


Contests and giveaways introduce a dynamic and unique way to interact with potential customers and gain valuable information. Utilizing a custom landing page to create a dynamic entry form, contests and giveaways encourage users to opt in to various platforms, such as e-blasts, Facebook and Instagram organically, resulting in higher subscribers, page likes, and followers, which then allows for us to retarget those users in future campaigns. Not to mention the fact that the winners gain product trial and dive deep into the funnel!

In short, a contest or giveaway can unlock a whole new group of future fans!

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corporate partnerships

They say “teamwork makes the dream work” and that holds true when discussing social partnerships with like-minded brands. By combining resources, talent and ideas, partnerships allow both brands to succeed by reaching new potential customers and showing both audiences how the products can be used together and/or in new and exciting ways! Partnered giveaways help both brands grow their social presence through engagements, reach, impressions, video views, website traffic and followers!

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organic vs promoted

Organic posts will only reach about 1% of your current followers on their own. By promoting in-feed posts, McFadden/Gavender can help you reach not only MORE people, but the RIGHT people with paid post ads, for just pennies per result.

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targeted social media ads

Ditch the “boost” and allow us to create a custom plan to reach your target audience. Through audience creation, strategic targeting, peak times and custom landing pages, we will promote your content and brand for a fraction of the industry standard CPC.