Social Media Marketing

Be the buzz. Generating word-of-mouth communication and staying an active part of the conversation is invaluable. We’ll get consumers telling their friends … and their friends … and their friends to increase brand loyalty and affinity, and attract new customers. Our social media team puts your brand under the fast moving fingers of social media surfers in the best way, through a strategic mix of development and engagement. Let our team develop and execute the right strategy for you.

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Content Marketing
We stay ahead of the curve in this multi-device world. Our messaging, images and videos engage with a strategic plan in place. Grow your base. Engage your fans. Keep your brand top of mind.
Platform Management
MG+ offers best-in-class social media management, monitoring and support. Our team builds custom post plans catered to your audience’s peak engagement times. We provide real-time general consumer response across all channels, and after-hours response for posts needing immediate attention, to ensure a fast resolution to any issues or complaints.
Influencer Marketing
Micro and Macro. It’s a perfect blend. We develop and facilitate relationships with key influencers to create authentic content. Your brand story is the poetry. We help these digital content creators tell that story with a positive ROI.
Audience Development
We want fans who are like the fans we already have. Just more. It’s a dance. To attain premium prospects without sacrificing scale, we build custom, lookalike audiences by continuously tracking, testing and optimizing your campaign targeting.