Implement a Strategy for SEO Success

In search engine optimization strategy, there is no fix-all solution. Each brand and website has unique characteristics requiring different attention-points, key words, and content marketing. Despite website differences, however, there are a few key strategic elements every brand should implement in their SEO strategy in order to be successful.

On-site content

Blogs, online links, and content marketing help build domain recognition and keywords to get your brand to the top of Google searches. While quality content isn’t enough to dominate search engines, it gets your site’s foot in the internet door.

Set a budget

SEO is an integral part of brand marketing—treat it as such. Include SEO in your monthly or weekly budget, put it in your business strategy, and make sure your digital agency knows exactly how much to spend on the SEO campaign to see viable results.

Know your niche

Being aware of your competition, analyzing your target audience’s interests and internet habits, and performing keyword research will strategize your SEO and tailor it exclusively for your market. This ensures website traffic is meaningful and the starting point for a long term customer-brand relationship.

Prioritize the user experience

Regardless of your position on a search engine result page, if the user of your website has a difficult time navigating, finding what they originally searched for, or is unimpressed by the aesthetic of the site, they are likely going to leave the site before it can make an impression on them. Make sure your target has an easy way to find what they are looking for and is interested enough to stay on your site.

Having a SEO strategy ensures your brand is utilizing modern marketing technology to reach your target in a meaningful way. Internet competition is fierce—stay on top of your SEO to stay on top of the market. Contact McFadden/Gavender Advertising to learn how our digital experts can use SEO to push your brand further.