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Visual Search: Are You Ready For Google's Next Big Thing?

Picture This: How Searches Are About to Change

If you think voice search is the latest thing, consider this: 90% of all information received by the brain is visual 62% of Gen Z and millennial consumers want visual search more than any other technology Pinterest processes more than 600 million visual searches per month The image recognition market

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Overwhelmed With Data? We'll Help You Prioritize the Info

Drowning in a Sea of Data? Here’s a Lifeline

A few months ago, in July, we did a blog on the wealth of information that is available in Google Analytics. Even professionals whose job it is to analyze data, have more information available from Google Analytics than is possible to digest. The problem with data is knowing what to

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Understanding the Wealth of Information in Google Analytics

Revealing the Wealth of Information in Google Analytics

It’s no myth that the internet has had a significant impact on business. If you want proof, go to your favorite once-bustling mall and see how many stores have vanished. In the last two years alone, here’s a list that shows a fraction of the retailers who have filed for

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How to Write Quality Web Content for a Skeptical Generation

Writing Quality Content for Skeptics

We all think of ourselves as being honest, so we expect others to believe the things we say. If we tell someone our age or where we grew up, we’d be shocked if they demanded proof. We want others to take us at our word. No proof required.

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