Soft Spot to Land: Optimizing Landing Pages

They say time flies and that’s especially true when it comes to the amount of time you have to connect with someone who arrives at your website’s landing page. The opportunity to grab a visitor’s attention lasts for 2-5 seconds before they go elsewhere, perhaps to your competitor’s website. That’s why it’s so important to create a landing page which grabs attention and keeps it.

There’s a big difference between driving a potential customer to your home page as opposed to a landing page. While a website’s home page may have a variety of menus and links that serve multiple purposes, an effective landing page should have one goal, one message, and one action. An effective landing page should not contain any elements which might be distracting, and the headline should match your call-to-action so those who land on the page are not confused. Since the main goal of a landing page is to get a visitor’s email address, or other marketing information, use proven call-to-action words like shop, get, save, or free.

Since clarity is key in landing page design, less is always more. Too much information will cause a visitor to feel overwhelmed and move on. Instead, the landing page graphics and copy should work together to provide only the minimum information needed. On a landing page, empty space is a good thing, although that space should contain colors or a design that is appealing to the eye.

Remember that your landing page may be a visitor’s first contact with your website, so while keeping all of the above suggestions in mind, be certain that the landing page sends the message and identity your company wants to convey.

Finally, the rules for an effective landing page can also apply to everything on your website. While the goal may be different, the ideas of clarity, focus, simplicity, and company identity should be kept in mind when designing every page of your site.

Having a powerful landing page ensures you are collecting the marketing information most important to your company and increasing your client base. While many companies may be vying for the same customers, we can give you an edge on the competition. Contact McFadden/Gavender Advertising to learn how our digital and design experts can create an effective landing page for your brand or business.