Social Media Strategies: Supporting Customer Service

Providing good customer service is important for every company. While most companies think they do a good job at responding to customers’ issues, customers don’t generally share that opinion. A recent study by Bain and Company shows that while 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, only 8% of these same companies’ clientele would agree.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Consumers most often require customer support when they have a problem or question, and they may already be frustrated when they initially make contact. That frustration escalates when a phone call or email results in an unsatisfying outcome. According to Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report, nearly half of U.S. consumers use social media to ask questions, report satisfaction, or to complain—and a third prefer social media to using the phone or email for customer support.

A recent Forbes article states that traditional avenues of customer service can be time consuming, impersonal, and unproductive. Using social media can be immediate and a more personal and positive experience. Additionally, a company can take the time to think about the correct response to a customer, and can do it in a conversational tone, humanizing your brand. In today’s competitive world, it’s crucial that companies utilize every technological advantage they can in responding to customer concerns, which means using social media to address consumer issues.

Social Care

Another advantage to what’s become known as social care, is that the dialog is transparent, giving customers the feeling that they’re in control, while companies can display the speed and effectiveness of their response. Sometimes, an answer can be as easy as providing a link to existing help content.

Follow-up, which is rare using traditional customer service methods, is also easy on social media and provides a publicly traceable interaction. If your customer’s issue hasn’t been properly resolved, you actually have a second chance to make things right through social media follow-up. Social media users are more likely to talk about their experiences, both good and bad, and you can increase positive brand mentions through successful issue resolution.

To improve your customer service and enhance public opinion about your brand,

  • Address customers’ issues transparently on social media
  • Make your response thoughtful, immediate, and personal
  • Follow-up to be certain your customer is satisfied

If you would like help in effectively utilizing social media to better communicate with your customers, contact McFadden/Gavender Advertising. Our social media and digital experts can create online strategies to enhance your business.