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A Guide to Creating an Effective Landing Page

A good landing page can be one of the most productive ways of increasing sales for your business. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that just about anything can be a landing page. Here are a few things that are not landing pages: homepages, “About” pages, and “Contact Us” pages. 

So, what is a landing page and what makes it such a valuable tool?

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Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Why do some websites invite visitors to stay and make a purchase, while others can’t maintain a visitor’s interest for more than a few seconds? As with any other sales tool, it relies on the right combination of form and content. This blog will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of web design. 

Understanding the Wealth of Information in Google Analytics

Revealing the Wealth of Information in Google Analytics

It’s no myth that the internet has had a significant impact on business. If you want proof, go to your favorite once-bustling mall and see how many stores have vanished. In the last two years alone, here’s a list that shows a fraction of the retailers who have filed for bankruptcy in the last three years and have either gone out of business or have closed a majority of their stores: