Get Ahead Using SEO

When developing a brand website, it can feel like the costs of creating a site outweigh the benefits. Maintaining a web presence can be an expense but with heavy traffic brought in by search engine optimization (SEO), websites become an essential tool for marketing and business success rather than a financial and time-consuming burden. However, attempting SEO without a plan or with an overly aggressive approach can limit your chances of achieving, and maintaining, a spot on the top of the search engine results for your site.

According to Search Engine Optimization by Harold Davis, SEO must be incorporated into a brand’s business campaign and strategy in order to be effective. Having a general market research and business plan behind your SEO allows you to drive more traffic, while also influencing the type of traffic your site draws. Just because metrics show you may be pulling heavy traffic using quick-fix, attention-grabbing techniques, like click-bait and bad content, such methods will attract untargeted audience members. Thus, you lose the potential to foster a relationship with your website visitors and create a branded community.

According to Davis, “If you understand SEO, you have an edge.” That edge includes driving targeted traffic to your site, creating an online community for your brand, and expanding your consumers’ relationship with your company.

If your brand is struggling with search engine optimization, contact McFadden/Gavender to learn how to get an edge-up on the competition.