Make the Most Out of Event Marketing

When it comes to marketing, event marketing is an oldie but goodie. While digital and experiential marketing have taken over as primary tactics to reach an audience, event marketing is a staple to get face-to-face interactions between a brand and its consumers. Make the most out of your event with pro tips and tricks for significant marketing impact.

Handouts make your brand memorable

According to a Promotional Products Association International study, 83 percent of Americans like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message and 38 percent feel they serve as a reminder of the advertiser. Supply your event booth with free goodies that serve as a positive, tangible representation of your brand along with a memorable message.

Use digital marketing to support event marketing

Having social media contests throughout the day, encouraging people to “check-in” at your booth on Facebook or other social media platforms, and creating a fun area to take selfies or post pictures can act as a teaser to reach more consumers and businesses, both at the event and online. Digital marketing creates more internet buzz and user-generated content you can use to your advantage.

Don’t just choose any event

Picking both the location and event based on your primary buyer personas and consumer values is essential when running a successful event marketing campaign. By choosing one with the most timeliness and greatest reach potential, your brand can maximize overall impact and influence over buyers.

Follow-up with attendees

Create a landing page or write a press release that recounts the success of the event and emphasizes the many connections made between the brand and attendees. Send out e-blasts to those who signed up for emails at the convention or followed you on social media. Staying connected reinforces brand identity and further fosters the relationship you began at the event.