Importance of SEO Explained (in language everyone can understand!)

We’re not going to waste your time telling you why you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we will start by letting you know that almost 60% of search engine traffic goes to websites in the top three results, more than 36% of that traffic goes to the top result and more than 75% of Google users will never go beyond the first page of results! This means placing a website in the top results can be the difference between success and failure for a company.

CedarLEAN Soups and Wraps Attract Attention

Cedarlane® Natural Foods’ newest line of all-natural CedarLEAN lunch entrées, Soup and Wrap combos, already is gaining high-profile accolades! The October 2012 issue of EveryDay with Rachael Ray notes that the Soup and Wrap combos are a healthy way to “shake up your grocery list.”