When Creating an Online Brand, Companies Must Stay True to Themselves

In today’s technology age, a company must brand themselves via their various online platforms or risk fading into insignificance. However, the challenge of online branding lies within a brand’s ability to communicate their already developed message while remaining authentic in the eyes of their audience.

According to Corporate Branding in the Marketplace by Colin Jones and Helen Stuart, corporations and brands often set up websites and an internet presence in response to competitive pressures. But without consistency in branding, companies risk mixed messages and miscommunication between the online message and their pre-established target. Therefore, it is essential for companies and brands to align their current branding with their online branding to avoid discrepancies in their execution.

While online branding provides obstacles current brands must overcome in order to establish a well-received internet personality, its benefits can certainly outweigh the risks. Between the large-scale audience brands have the potential to reach through their online branding and the possibility of building a brand community through which a brand can accumulate earned media, online branding harnesses great impression value.