Shine Online in a Digital Desert

Steve Forbes said, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” When you invest in your brand, you establish a recognizable symbol of your company’s value. In the digital age, branding online is the next step to increasing brand recall and building customer communities. Stand out from the clutter with a strong online brand presence.

Engage the 5 senses.

It’s human nature to rely on your taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. Incorporating aspects of each in online marketing and public relations efforts creates a positive association with the brand which customers can reference when they think about the company. Visuals alone “can mold 90% of one’s first impression.” Pair that with a sensory experience utilizing touch, taste, and smell, and you have a stand-out brand with unique memory triggers.

Start blogging.

Blogs on company websites provide a platform for personalized content featuring the brand’s mission and values. Blogging can break through the online corporate droning customers are skeptical of and help them see what sets the brand apart from others in its market class. By communicating to the masses in an approachable way, the brand is presented at the consumers’ level.

Create your own original content.

There is a copious amount of digital noise online. Consumers are no longer persuaded by the traditional advertising media of the Golden Age. The ever-increasing need to grab, and hold, customer attention provides a new challenge for brands to create entertaining content that describes who they are, what they want the consumer to know, and what their values are in a succinct way. By putting branded content online, brands are showing they are on trend, care about innovation, and want to communicate directly with their target audience.