Summer: The Season of Social Media

There are 2.3 billion social media users in the world today. With such an enormous audience, content marketing online is more essential than ever. As temperatures heat up during the summer months, your social media presence needs to be just as hot. Summer is the season to build relationships with your target audience and ensure your message is heard. Nearly 65 percent of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budget this year. Don’t fall behind—push your brand further.

Engagement is key.

Social media content marketing needs to focus around engagement with your audience, not how many eyeballs are looking at your site or posts. By building meaningful relationships on your online platforms, you are positioning your brand as a niche resource with an internet personality people can relate to. This means more views, clicks, and overall impressions.

Be trendy.

Using current hashtags, internet memes, viral videos, images, and GIFs can make the difference between gaining a new follower and losing a dozen. In the technology age, relevancy and trendiness are the two most important aspects of any social media account. By following trends and monitoring your social media presence, your brand stays at the forefront of the consumer’s mind when they log off.

Streamline your presence.

According to Entrepreneur, your social media strategy should never be random. Develop a plan to push content out during the summer in a meaningful way. Connect with your audience by staying engaged and not overselling, while focusing your attention on a few main platforms to focus your social media efforts on sites that will give your audience the best taste of your brand as a whole.

Take advantage of summer.

While people are on vacation, going to concerts, or just lounging by the pool, social media will be blowing up with their current adventures and future plans. Three major trends recently mentioned in a LinkedIn article, including Snapchat’s domination, live video, and chat bots, can make or break a brand’s chance to take advantage of the heavy social media usage during the next couple of months.