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Building a Better Website

Twenty years ago, the internet was only five years old, and was still a bit of a curiosity. In 1998, there was no Facebook and Google was a startup. Amazon had a web presence, but they just sold books. Back in the days when AOL ruled, if your company had

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How Compelling Content Can Increase Sales

Businesses have become very interested in content marketing. The frequency at which the term content marketing is searched, has increased more than ten-fold in the past decade. What is content marketing and why is it such an important tactic to attract customers and make sales?

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McFadden/Gavender Wins Addy Award for SweetLeaf® One Sweet Change Video

McFadden/Gavender recently became the proud recipient of another national award. For a video we created for SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener’s One Sweet Change ad campaign, we received an ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation. This prestigious award annually attracts 40,000 entries from across the country, and winning is an honor

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