What Can You Learn from Your Website?

Your company has an attractive and fully functioning website. Your products are easy to find, easy to see, easy for customers to purchase, and that’s great. But if that’s all your website does, you’re only using a fraction of its potential.

Companies today have a huge amount of website data available to them. That data tells a story and there are many free or inexpensive options available to discover what that story is. Here are a few of the things your website’s data can tell you:

  • The number of times individual visitors arrive at your site
  • The channels driving visitors to your site—from social media, a referral site, or as the result of a search?
  • The number of your pages each visitor views
  • The number of individuals who have viewed a specific page at least once during a visit
  • The average amount of time visitors spent viewing a page
  • The percentage of single-page views (also called the bounce rate)
  • The percentage of visitors who leave a page
  • The click-through rate of pages
  • The speed at which each page loads
  • The path to conversion and the conversion rate
  • The demographic information of visitors, in real time
  • The geographic information of visitors, in real time
  • The device used to view your website

By using tools like Google Analytics, or a variety of others, you can collect the type of information marketers always dreamt of having. You can discover at what point viewers lose interest and go elsewhere, and what elements entice visitors to stay on your site. If something’s not working, you can change everything from page layout, colors, fonts, graphics, photos, copy, banners, and sliders until the data shows visitors are lingering on a page and clicking through to purchase. By knowing the age, education, income, or location of visitors, you can customize your site until it attracts the exact audience you seek.

Your website data contains all of the ingredients necessary to create a recipe for success; however, it’s crucial all the data is understood and monitored, with changes and A/B testing implemented and tracked. If you don’t have the time or resources for that, you’re in luck: McFadden/Gavender can do it all for you. Contact us today.