Virtual Reality: Social Media Marketing Channel of the Future?

Virtual reality has sparked imaginations for decades, whether the interest spawned from science fiction or the recent influx of VR gear on the market, it is capturing interest all over. In early February, AltspaceVR launched a virtual world for Samsung’s Gear VR with more than a dozen spaces each hosting events throughout the day. Users are playing party games together, attending comedy shows and concerts, participating in storytelling events, meditating, and even getting together for Dungeons & Dragons.

Oculus Social launched in November, though currently it is a virtual reality movie-watching app where users can take a chosen avatar (a floating head) to a small theater with up to four others.

In an article on this space, ComputerWorld takes a look at the hyper-compelling draw virtual reality social interactions will have on users in the future. VR could be the way to break the “over there” phenomenon of social interaction in digital spaces, where the action is happening on the screen. With virtual reality, users will be “in” their avatars, rather than just controlling them with the illusion of participation.

It is only a matter of time before virtual reality technology comes to every home, it seems, which means it could be the future of social media marketing as well. Look out world!