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Audience Skepticism: A Rhetorical Approach

The outcry for authenticity arises from an ingrained and cultivated skepticism propagated in an environment rife with advertising and marketing messages. People today are aware of the tactics utilized by persuaders from all fields. While consumers are still susceptible to this type of messaging, no matter how adamantly individuals may claim the contrary, people are overwhelmingly more skeptical today than in previous generations.

Packaging Design Earns McFadden/Gavender Addy Accolades

The American Advertising Federation Tucson hosted its 35th Annual ADDY Awards® this past weekend and McFadden/Gavender was honored with two awards for work done in 2015. With more than 200 industry peers in attendance, the M/G team took home a Silver ADDY for the packaging campaign of SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops 50ml, as well as the Silver ADDY for Sweet Drops 50ml packaging as a single unit.

M/G Designed Packaging Debuts in Anaheim

McFadden/Gavender is incredibly proud to be a part of another exciting product launch with our client Icelandic Glacial. This past weekend, at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Icelandic debuted their all-new still and sparkling waters, now in glass bottles for the first time and designed by the creative team at McFadden/Gavender. The new design, featuring a metal cap and the brand’s signature sculpted bottle neck, was well-received by Expo attendees who were wowed by the new look and function, along with the clean, crisp taste of the water.

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Authenticity Builds Engagement

Kissmetrics’ post on authenticity opens with a powerful statement: Authentic businesses inspire and prosper. They “forge deeper connections” with their audiences and engage with them on an authentic level that transforms the interaction into an experience. According to author James T. Noble, this is a trend that will continue and spread throughout the digital and social marketing spheres. This article also delivers some stellar suggestions on how to achieve authenticity in your brand’s relationships with users and consumers.