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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

You send out emails announcing new products or sale events and, while email marketing is relatively inexpensive, you wonder how well it’s been working. This blog will look at why email is a great marketing and sales tool, and what companies can do to increase the effectiveness of any email

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A Guide to Creating an Effective Landing Page

A good landing page can be one of the most productive ways of increasing sales for your business. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that just about anything can be a landing page. Here are a few things that are not landing pages: homepages, “About” pages, and “Contact Us” pages.  So, what

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The Benefits of Starting a Podcast

Podcasts aren’t only for news and entertainment. They’re a valuable marketing tool that people can listen to in a car, bus, train or plane; while hiking, running, or biking; when drifting off to sleep or getting ready for work; and they’re one of the few ways that companies can develop

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