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The Benefits of Starting a Podcast

Podcasts aren’t only for news and entertainment. They’re a valuable marketing tool that people can listen to in a car, bus, train or plane; while hiking, running, or biking; when drifting off to sleep or getting ready for work; and they’re one of the few ways that companies can develop

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Why Print Marketing Still Works in a Digital Age

It seems counterintuitive in a digital world, but print media still has a powerful grip on the general public. What makes ink-and-paper, direct marketing collateral still so effective, and how can it be used to promote your business and increase sales? 

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Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Why do some websites invite visitors to stay and make a purchase, while others can’t maintain a visitor’s interest for more than a few seconds? As with any other sales tool, it relies on the right combination of form and content. This blog will examine the good, the bad, and

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How to Handle a Company Crisis

This blog will discuss: How individuals deal with pre-crisis preparation and risk management Examples of poorly managed corporate crises Companies successfully navigating through a public relations disaster Steps needed to control the narrative How an advertising agency’s public relations and social media specialists can manage any crisis

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