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Avoiding the Obvious, Advertisers are Going Native

Internet users have so many reasons to be enraged. We’re all subjected to data mining, fraudulent websites, fake news, auto-play videos, too many APTRDNTBA (abbreviated phrases that really don’t need to be abbreviated), and so much more. Somewhere near the top of that list has to be the annoying interruption that comes in the form of pop-ups, interstitials, and overlays.

Packaging Design Earns McFadden/Gavender Addy Accolades

The American Advertising Federation Tucson hosted its 35th Annual ADDY Awards® this past weekend and McFadden/Gavender was honored with two awards for work done in 2015. With more than 200 industry peers in attendance, the M/G team took home a Silver ADDY for the packaging campaign of SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops 50ml, as well as the Silver ADDY for Sweet Drops 50ml packaging as a single unit.

Virtual Reality: Social Media Marketing Channel of the Future?

Virtual reality has sparked imaginations for decades, whether the interest spawned from science fiction or the recent influx of VR gear on the market, it is capturing interest all over. In early February, AltspaceVR launched a virtual world for Samsung’s Gear VR with more than a dozen spaces each hosting events throughout the day. Users are playing party games together, attending comedy shows and concerts, participating in storytelling events, meditating, and even getting together for Dungeons & Dragons.