woman designing a responsive website

Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Why do some websites invite visitors to stay and make a purchase, while others can’t maintain a visitor’s interest for more than a few seconds? As with any other sales tool, it relies on the right combination of form and content. This blog will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of web design. 


How to Handle a Company Crisis

This blog will discuss:

  • How individuals deal with pre-crisis preparation and risk management
  • Examples of poorly managed corporate crises
  • Companies successfully navigating through a public relations disaster
  • Steps needed to control the narrative
  • How an advertising agency’s public relations and social media specialists can manage any crisis

Visual Search: Are You Ready For Google's Next Big Thing?

Picture This: How Searches Are About to Change

If you think voice search is the latest thing, consider this:

  • 90% of all information received by the brain is visual
  • 62% of Gen Z and millennial consumers want visual search more than any other technology
  • Pinterest processes more than 600 million visual searches per month
  • The image recognition market is expected to be worth over $77 billion by 2025
  • By early 2021, websites that were early adopters of visual search will increase digital commerce by 30%