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Creating Customer Loyalty in a World of Change and Choice

Fifty years ago, consumers were fiercely loyal to products ranging from cars to colas. That loyalty was frequently baseless and often passed from one generation to the next. If I drove a Chevy, so would my offspring, and for years, the three U.S. automakers counted on it. When a variety

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Seven Sites for Learning

This summer saw the launch of seven new school websites across the state of Arizona, all designed and developed by the McFadden/Gavender digital team. The schools are part of the Arizona Charter School family and include three La Paloma Academy locations in Tucson, Heritage Elementary Schools in Glendale and Williams,

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Advertising Ethics

Do you have a positive view of advertising? Do you think ads are honest and informative, or do you think that claims made in ads are exaggerated, inflated, or just plain untrue? Advertising often gets a bad rap, that can sometimes be deserved.

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