Why Hire An Advertising Agency?

Envision this scenario: You need to have your appendix removed or the consequences may be fatal. You can do one of two things:

  1. You can hire a physician with years of appendix removal experience to do the job. The physician is an expert and the outcome will be positive.
  2. Using power tools and an online PDF of human anatomy, you can do the job yourself. The results will probably not be pleasant and may end in your untimely demise.

Which do you choose?

In today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment, companies must constantly be on the leading edge of technology, popular tastes, and social media trends. Fall behind, and your company may also meet a premature end. As in the above example, you can do one of two things:

  1. You can hire an advertising agency. The agency has years of experience in staying ahead of the curve, the ability to target an audience which has a need for your product or service, and the capability of creating advertising across several types of media. They also have a staff of writers, artists, public relations, digital, and social media experts who work together to carefully create an ad campaign which is custom designed for your business.
  1. You can hire your sister’s kid, who dropped out of art school and still lives at home, to create an ad that you plan on placing in the print version of the Yellow Pages. While your nephew actually does create an ad, he spells your company’s name wrong, uses the wrong address, and forgets to provide your phone number; which, as it turns out, is okay because you realize you haven’t actually seen a print version of the Yellow Pages since 2003.

Which do you choose? 

Effective advertising requires a coordinated, cohesive plan consisting of social media, web design, SEO and PPC, public relations, creative design, and media. The only way to get a team of professionals, all working toward the best possible outcome for your business, is to hire an agency.

An advertising agency will take your budget into consideration and will offer multiple strategies based upon your priorities and what you want to accomplish. They’ll show you what works, what doesn’t, and they’ll tell you why. They’ll analyze the community and demographic you’d like to target, and will design a plan specific to your goals.

If you still feel your business can’t afford to advertise, ask yourself where you’d like your company to be in five years. Do you have a plan for getting there? A full-service advertising agency can help you develop a path to achieving all the goals you envision for your company.

To get the edge on your competition and put your business on a fast track to success, give McFadden/Gavender a call. Let us create a marketing strategy designed to meet all your needs