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Four Social Media Trends to Use Now

Since the middle of the last century, most products and services have been marketed to an age demographic of 18-34, which today comprises 75.5 million people. The consumers in that age group set trends, and effective marketing and advertising strategies have to anticipate those trends, many of which are taking

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Marketing Trends to Watch

Ask 20 experts to predict the biggest trend in advertising for the upcoming year, and you’ll get 20 different answers. There are, however, three trends appearing on almost everyone’s list, and businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition should integrate them into their marketing strategy in 2017.

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Advertising in 2017 Will Require Agility

Years ago, advertising didn’t contain any element of immediacy. To get an ad in front of the public took time, whether the medium was print, a billboard, or a television/radio spot. Advertising was planned and purchased for the long term. For a company to respond to any event in a

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Social Media Strategies: Supporting Customer Service

Providing good customer service is important for every company. While most companies think they do a good job at responding to customers’ issues, customers don’t generally share that opinion. A recent study by Bain and Company shows that while 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service, only 8%

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