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Targeting Baby Boomers: Loyal Customers With Money to Spend

How to Increase Revenue: Remember the Baby Boomers!

According to Pew Research, 2019 is the year in which the largest demographic bulge in history—the baby boomers—slips to the number two spot as millennials become the nation’s largest living adult generation. Some believe millennials have already attained the top spot.

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How to Write Quality Web Content for a Skeptical Generation

Writing Quality Content for Skeptics

We all think of ourselves as being honest, so we expect others to believe the things we say. If we tell someone our age or where we grew up, we’d be shocked if they demanded proof. We want others to take us at our word. No proof required.

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Improve Your Google Ranking for Those Using Voice Search

How to Improve Your Ranking in a Voice Search

It was only eight years ago, on October 4, 2011, that Apple introduced Siri, the first mobile voice assistant. It seems like we’ve always been able to get directions, find a restaurant, make a call or send a text by just asking our smartphone’s voice assistant.

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Advertising Fundimentals—We Define the Jargon and Buzzwords

Advertising Fundamentals: Common Terms You Need to Know

Every profession has its own jargon—buzzwords used as shorthand, often using acronyms. One reason jargon is popular in almost every profession is for speed in communication. Unfortunately, jargon is also used to create a closed, hermetic environment where only those in the know can translate the jargon into meaningful terms.

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