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The Benefits of Starting a Podcast

Podcasts aren’t only for news and entertainment. They’re a valuable marketing tool that people can listen to in a car, bus, train or plane; while hiking, running, or biking; when drifting off to sleep or getting ready for work; and they’re one of the few ways that companies can develop

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Why Print Marketing Still Works in a Digital Age

It seems counterintuitive in a digital world, but print media still has a powerful grip on the general public. What makes ink-and-paper, direct marketing collateral still so effective, and how can it be used to promote your business and increase sales? 

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Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to Promote Your Business

Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing

Toward the end of 2018, we posted a blog which predicted the biggest trends for 2019. Now as we approach the end of 2019, we can see that one of the trends on last year’s list should not only get the top spot on anyone’s list of trends for 2020,

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Web Video: How to Stay Current Using the Biggest Web Trend

How to Stay Current with the Surge in Video

Don’t you love statistics? Everyday things that we never even think about can suddenly seem amazing when given as a statistic. For example, you may not think you talk on the phone much, but the average American spends six months of their life talking on the phone. And the next

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