Grocery Store Advertising & Marketing

Grocery store marketing is a specialty of McFadden/Gavender Advertising. We have served as the full-service ad agency of record for multiple grocery stores, using our extensive abilities in media advertising to find a target audience in the market.

We know and love food, thoroughly understand the grocery industry, and know how to get consumers in the door and keep them coming back. Through that expertise we understand how to effectively collaborate with your team to develop a marketing plan that is targeted towards the future of your business.

When it comes to grocery store marketing, it can be hard to develop new ways to stand out against the competition. Our creative department specializes in developing unique offers and discounts to bring customers into your store; the perfect way to expand your brand.

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Grocery Store Marketing Services

Direct Mail Campaigns

We know weekly sale flyers inside and out, from ad design, to copywriting, to layout, to print. We design advertisements for grocery stores all over the country. We’ll get your weekly store sales in mailboxes throughout every city you target.

Specialty Catalogs

McFadden/Gavender knows how to make your holiday catalogs merry, bright, and delivered on time, even in a hectic, festive season. Promoting monthly deals or inspiring healthy lifestyles through branded publications? Our specialized public relations team has got you covered … cover-to-cover.

Store Grand Openings

The McFadden/Gavender PR team will be at the front door of your groundbreaking, making sure the media, community leaders, consumers, and more know you’re opening your doors.

Weekly Radio Sales Promotions

From script-writing to production, our radio team has years of experience targeting the right radio channels, at prices that don’t break the bank.

In-Store Signage

Consistent messaging and branding throughout your store makes the shopping experience a branding experience. We’ll write the copy, design the signs, and make your message memorable.

Store-Specific Social Media Campaigns

Whether it’s a contest promoting your latest and greatest products, pictures spotlighting your newest location, or posts promoting your weekly local specials, our grocery store social media strategies will generate buzz that brings customers to your stores.

Trade and Retail Convention Events and Materials

McFadden/Gavender will get your products showcased at the top trade and retail events that can make your brand. We’ll design your booths and signage, attend the conventions to help with promotion and interviews, and make sure the media know your brand is making waves with the trendsetters and industry experts at these events.

Private Labels

From packaging to sampling, we understand the best practices when it comes to showcasing your in-store brands and impressing them with unique and creative design.

Broker Presentations

Setting up new relationships with brokers can be difficult. We’ll connect you with the perfect brokers to manage brand your placement and product distribution.


We are versed in product packaging design for national and international representation, and always make sure your brand stands out against competitors sharing the shelf space.