Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing

With a tremendous level of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), we have the know-how to take your product from logo development and package design to the consumer’s shopping cart. From building brand messaging and appeal to engaging customers with modern design elements, our approach appeals to consumer imagination and emotion to educate them about the product use and company history while pushing repeat purchases.

We understand the many stakeholders invested in a product and its success and the McFadden/Gavender team works with all of them, while monitoring and reporting on industry trends to keep your product ahead of the pack. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work on your star product!

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Extensive Natural/Organic Channel Expertise
In addition to mainstream grocery stores, McFadden/Gavender has extensive experience marketing to natural and organic stores and the consumers they reach. Certified organic, non-GMO, no artificial ingredients, no added hormones, cage-free … we don’t just know the lingo, we know what it all means and why it appeals to an ever-growing audience.
Package Design (U.S. & International)
We can design product packaging that sets you apart on shelves in the U.S., Canada, and more. We know how to work with your legal team on nutritional facts, and how to keep your message consistent across borders.
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Product Mockups
From flat designs to 3-D representations, we can show you precisely how your product packaging will look long before it’s on store shelves. We work with you to get the details exactly right.
New Product Presentations
We’ll present your latest products and what makes them unique to the right audiences and venues, to make sure your brand is placed right where it’s going to generate the most response … and results. We’ll get samples in the hands of retailers looking for the latest and greatest, in the kitchens, homes, and businesses of chefs, moms, bloggers and other trendsetters, and in-store samples in consumers’ carts.
Product Launches
We’ll get the buzz about your new product going before it even hits the shelves, get trendsetters and influencers talking. Then we’ll shine the spotlight on what makes your brand, your product THE must-have new item new to store shelves.
Sell Sheets
We’ll design and detail the messaging on one-sheets that highlight your product and its benefits for everyone from buyers, to media, to convention attendees.
In-Store Promotions
McFadden/Gavender can organize your in-store demonstration, design promotional collateral for display tables, and more. From recipe cards to coupons, we can get useful take-aways promoting your product and get your product into shoppers’ carts.
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Trade Show & Convention Representation
Our design and content folks can create your booth and convention collateral, while our PR pros back up your team at the statement-making, brand-making conventions around the nation.