Don't Blend In ... Stand Out

We’ve got your product packaging wrapped up. With eye-catching packaging design elements and consistent messaging, we’ll make sure your products are dressed for success, standing out on shelves and online, even in a sea of competitors.

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Package Design – U.S. & International
We can design product packaging that sets you apart on shelves in the U.S., Canada, and more. We know how to work with your legal team on nutritional facts, and how to keep your message consistent across borders.
Product Mockups
From flat designs to 3-D representations, we can show you precisely how your product packaging will look long before it’s on store shelves. From materials to messaging, colors to sizing, we work with you to get the details precisely right.
Private Labels
At McFadden/Gavender, we know how to dress in-store brands in a way that draws the eye, incorporates customer convenience, and is consistent enough to be familiar to loyal shoppers.