Ad Media Buying Management

We’ll make sure you stand out. By the time you finish reading this, your target customer is already reading, viewing, and listening to the next message. Advertising is THAT fast. To ensure your TV, radio, print, billboard, direct mail, collateral pieces, and website are seen, heard, and remembered—not lost in traffic―our team hits the ground running on market and consumer research, competitive analysis, budgets (yes, we are attentive to your budgets), strategy, planning, and RESULTS!

Our media team creates strategic and tactical plans specific to each client’s goals and objectives. Our buying power spans local, regional, and national media arenas. Not only do our buyers bring a wealth of experience, they are also great negotiators. And we’re famous for our creativity in seeking out added value … always over-delivering.

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Strategy & Planning
It all starts here. How do you turn media dollars into conversions? We create campaigns designed, executed and measured to achieve your goals and objectives.
Research & Modeling
Okay, we are a little geeky. But it will work for you. By analyzing data and analytics, we can discover trends based not only on variables such as sales, engagement, or ad spend, but also to track trends caused by seasonality, weather, holidays, brand authority, or any other parameters. Sounds like a mouthful? It is. But it only helps us on both the digital and traditional spend understand what is working and adjust our marketing strategy in any way. We are always on.
Negotiation & Buying
We are all about the value of your dollars. Once we establish the psychographic, demographic and geographic target markets, it’s on! We create campaigns that maximize budget for best value for our clients. Our campaigns work and we will share our insights, data and analytics so we stay on target. Our media team has the experience to negotiate in your favor on both the digital and traditional side.
Traditional & Digital
We are still knee deep in both. Digital rolls everything from paid search to branded content, retargeting to social ads and more. So much opportunity online and it continues to go and we follow and evolve along with it in real time for our clients. When it comes to traditional ad spend, that is still in motion too. Media buys like magazine ads, radio, television and outdoor advertising nationwide. A comprehensive, integrated, successful plan is the goal. The MG+ team has you covered.