Make ‘em rubberneck

We’ll make ‘em do a double take. Creative design needs to go beyond eye-catching, conveying a clear message in a memorable, powerful way. Our creative philosophy centers on the evocation of emotion to inspire brand loyalty and create a need to share that message. We take every detail into consideration to create an unforgettable look, identity, and statement. McFadden/Gavender works with you from conception to final product. That’s what the big picture is all about.

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Graphic Design
Great creative work accomplishes a goal through compelling and memorable images.
We can manage your video, animation, voiceover, and sound effects needs with in-house employees and an outside production partner.
Packaging Design
With eye-catching packaging design elements and consistent messaging, we’ll make sure your products stand out on shelves and online, even in a sea of competitors.
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Brand/Logo Development and Creation
Succinct and unforgettable—your logo is the most important visual representation of your brand.
These pieces have to get your message across fast … in the blink of an eye as a consumer walks or drives by.
Convention Booth Design
No matter the collateral needed, our convention booth designs and preparations get your company noticed on the convention floor, getting your product into the right hands.
We’ll organize your events, important information, and news into an audience-targeted publication of desired depth branded for your company, products, and goals.
Press Kit Creation
We’ll create a branded folder filled with all the necessary information to make a memorable statement and help the media and beyond understand and promote your brand in a way that fits your vision.
AD Design
From magazine ads to television commercials, we capture your audience’s attention and emotion with consistent and compelling campaigns which communicate your brand’s message in a way that stays with them.