Resorts + Hospitality

We are experts at increasing brand awareness for resorts and other businesses in the hospitality industry, whether it’s in the local, regional or international markets. Among our specialties, we target: holiday offerings, special events, packaged specials and programs, culinary awareness, destination and family travel, weddings, regional/direct flight markets, and travel writers for trade and consumer media. Our PR team garners consistent, relevant media coverage and routinely works with our media team to secure additional coverage or added-value.

For travelers today, it is all about choices. Packaged specials speak to leisure travelers, as they provide them with more than just a “room.” Whether it’s paired with an event, spa treatment or dinner, travelers get a true experience. They feel the added value has been met. We make sure holiday and special programs are favorably positioned with local and regional leisure travelers. We push unique holiday programs, holiday room packages with online booking codes, remarkable on-site activities/events and dining specials to a variety of media.

The ability to provide interesting and timely package information to travel, lifestyle and family publications, as well as online outlets, is an enticing topic with travel and lifestyle editors. Great food also remains a consistent hot topic with regional and national reporters/writers. We deliver on all levels. Our promoted classes, dinners and events consistently connect with media.

We work with regional and direct flight markets to position resorts and other hospitality industry businesses as the destination of choice. Through our relationships with media in direct flight markets, we secure key PR opportunities. We work with targeted travel, lifestyle, culinary, spa/wellness and business writers. We guarantee coverage prior to arranging stay. Editorial calendars are crucial for our public relations planning. We closely monitor editorial calendars for national publications. We work diligently with media to ensure they are aware the destination offers a unique environment for meetings and conventions.

Social media management is key to the resort and hospitality industry. We keep customers engaged using a combination of survey questions, pictures, notes and links. We keep your page interesting, highlighting amenities and events. We work with local businesses, travel blogs, and event photographers by tagging their pages in posts and writing on their walls. Are you ready for your successful journey with McFadden/Gavender? We’re ready for you!