We work with charter schools, private schools, magnet schools and public school districts to provide education marketing services. McFadden/Gavender has launched thriving schools across the Southwest and has promoted growth at each campus every year. Our partnerships are successful because the first step of our marketing plan is to define the target market including location, demographics and academic need.  Once our market research is complete, we are able to recommend targeted media plans to attract enrollment for new students. Today, parents and students have options to choose from and we help your brand identify its niche.

Each year, we work with our schools to increase enrollment and to provide premium service to existing students. Whether your organization targets new students once a year or throughout the year, we utilize all types of media to attract families. Historically, we have placed media in local print publications, developed TV and radio campaigns, and geo-targeted audiences with online advertising and PPC. Likewise, we have developed promotional videos and presentations for grant presentations and YouTube viewers.

Communication is essential! We provide weekly newsletters, eblasts and daily social media content to keep students and parents engaged outside of the classroom. As a result, we are able to promote important deadlines and events at minimum cost to the organization. Social media and eblasts are fantastic tools to reach busy parents on the go. We target your enrollment and school events to build these networks each year, allowing consistent marketing and branding communication each month.

Exceed your fundraising goals with the help of our powerhouse team! Leave the details to us and enjoy streamlined activities that reap a higher margin. Whether you are raising money for new classroom technology or capital to expand, McFadden/Gavender PR and creative forces can develop grassroots campaigns to launch your organization in the future!