Consumer Packaged Goods

We are pros at developing packaging for consumer packaged goods (CPG) internationally — especially in the natural/organic arena — and are successful at launching them into the market. This includes national goods and private label products.

McFadden/Gavender develops brands that are beyond visually appealing. We develop brands with core messages that consumers relate to and celebrate with engagement. Today’s consumer is curious and savvy, which is why our designs employ modern elements such as QR codes, product iconography and recycled materials. These design elements appeal to consumers’ emotions, educate them about company history and product use, and push repeat purchases.

Effective design inspires two-way communications. Our design team takes a look at your marketing mix to incorporate design cues that encourage consumer participation via social media and word-of-mouth marketing. Allowing consumers to use their voice and to express their feelings toward a brand allows the brand message to go viral.

You’re not alone with McFadden/Gavender. Our team understands that success involves many stakeholders, so we work intimately with sales and marketing executives, brokers, buyers, and retailers to execute your product and sales goals. This includes designing product mockups for new product presentations, sell sheets and in-store promotions. We routinely travel with and on behalf of clients to trade shows and conventions to introduce new products and monitor industry trends. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work on your next star product!

Consumer Packaged Goods